Welcome To Our Vineyard & Winery

Welcome to our beautiful winery and vineyard. We are so happy to have you.
We have one of the very few properties in Florida that actually grow grapes in our vineyard and make wine in our winery. We have a 10-acre estate with 7.5 acres of vines and six different varieties of Muscadine grapes. But our wines are not just made with muscadine grapes, we also partner with wineries in California, Washington and Oregon to bring in their wines or juice to blend with ours.

Muscadine is a grapevine species native to the southeastern and southcentral United States. There are over 400 varieties of muscadine grapes. The grapes are the highest in antioxidants than any other fruit. They are also fat-free, high in fiber, low in sodium and an excellent source of manganese which helps with protein and amino acid digestion and utilization as well as the metabolism of cholesterol and carbohydrates. Also ensuring proper liver functions. So drink up people. It’s good for you.